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My Fast Track Trainer held my hand and walked me through my first table top closing, and showed me how to get in and out of real estate deals without using any of my own money! In addition, my Fast Track Trainer also helped me with my first Short Sale and my first Open House. You could not find better Fast Track Trainers Anywhere!
Susan Russell, Queens, NY

Before aspiring to be a real estate investor I never knew what a trust was. After joining GSREIA and attending a trust workshop hosted by Tony Reaves, I learned just how important a tool a trust can be for asset planning. When I decided to take title to properties in Trust, Tony held my hand through this process, making sure that I had all the necessary documentation. I was faced with major opposition by my lender's attorney. Who after several conference calls with Tony, finally allowed me to take a title to the property in trust. Tony's guidance was tremendously helpful.
Garth Naar, Mablewood, NJ

We enjoyed the entire Fast Track Program. The three things we loved the most were: (1) Learning to set up and run our business, (2) The hands on experience of inspecting houses and analyzing deals duringduring the House Buying Weekend, and (3) The sessions time management and organization!
Luz and Julio Calafat, Wharton, NJ

I joined the Fast Track Team 6 months ago and I have already done my first 2 deals! I enjoy networking with other Fast Track members and I enjoy the family atmosphere. I know that I can repeat any of the sessions for one year, but I feel like I am a Fast Track team member for life!
Darrell Jackson, Roselle, NJ


I have to write a short note to say thank you. You may wonder shy thank you, but, you better know I am learning a lot from my Fast Track Trainers, you are the best. No joke about this.

The fact that you freely shared your experiences with me and also take the time to instruct me on how to set myself on the FAST TRACK TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING the practical way is the best and invaluable experience one can get.

You went out of your way to show me that "how to's" especially during the Tampa House Buying Weekend. The trip has served as an eye opener for me and this is due to your unreserved enthusiasm and stamina to see me succeed. I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams and you know what, you will be proud of your actions always!

Wambugu Thuo, NJ